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Government Affairs & Advocacy

As a trade association, among our most important responsibilities is to advocate for our members in Trenton, Washington, D.C., in the “Court of Public Opinion”, and beyond!

To do this effectively, NJGCA employs a multi-pronged approach to help us achieve our legislative and issue-oriented goals.

Our strategy includes:

1. Lobbying legislators, informing the public, and notifying the press on the successes and obstacles entrepreneurs face

2. Educating NJGCA Members on important policy and regulatory issues, often directing them to become actively involved in specific policy proposals that may negatively harm their businesses

3. Supporting pro-small business lawmakers that understand issues important to NJGCA entrepreneurs and advocate to improve New Jersey’s business climate.

In order to effectively reach our goals and promote our Members, NJGCA has created the following Member Advocacy Tools for entrepreneurs to utilize in helping us promote our agenda:

Our Legislative Issues :

Review State & Federal Issues of importance

Legislative Action Center :

Advocate on your own behalf! Click on the link to find your representative, fire off a letter, or find out who to contact and voice your opinion.


In order to accomplish our goals in Trenton, it is important that small business owners actively support pro-business, pro-entrepreneurial policymakers. NJGCA established a Political Action Committee (PAC) to raise money through the independent donations of our Members in financial support of like-minded legislative candidates. Make a donation to the NJGCA PAC today!

Senate Chamber of the New Jersey State House, Trenton, USA